After running my own business for a few years, I really felt that it could use a face lift. Business was good, but I had the desire to make it great. Mentoring with Carrie took my business to the next level. She helped me define who my target customer was and really concentrate on how to “narrow my net.” For so long I was casting a wide net, just trying to grow. Enter burn out. I was exhausted. She guided me through the process to achieve a work smarter, not harder philosophy. Most importantly, she reminded me that self care must come first. Taking care of myself gave me the energy to be a better boss. Working with Carrie will energize, excite and give you the confidence to take that next big step
— Maureen, photographer

The Hip Mom’s Guide to Freelance Writing was the ideal course for me and will be for you, too, if you’re a mom who wants to become a freelance writer. I only have small pockets of time throughout the day that I’m not spending wrangling my small children. This course provided me a strong foundation for which to begin my business while being a manageable amount of time for me to fit into my schedule each day. The lessons were clear, concise, and beneficial. Carrie is a cheerleader who will guide you each step of the way.
— Kristin, Blogger

Taking Carrie’s freelance writing course was a wonderful experience from day one to day thirty. I had wanted to start a freelance writing career for a while now, but I honestly had no clue where to start. With Carrie’s wisdom and daily action steps within her lessons, I was set up for success. Her lessons were thoughtful and meaningful, and they forced you to push yourself as a freelance writer, but at the same time they were not overwhelming. I felt confident and comfortable with each lesson’s action step because each of Carrie’s lessons were encouraging and detailed. Carrie’s lessons will force you stop dreaming about writing for the blog/magazine/journal of your dreams, and take action so you will become a writer for the blog/magazine/journal of your dreams!
If you are new to freelance writing like I am, or you are a freelance writer feeling like you just need that extra push to get what you want out of your freelancing career, this course is well worth it! Thank you, Carrie! :)
— Annie, Freelance Writer