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— Sara Meadows, Founder of Matchpoint Consultants
After running my own business for a few years, I really felt that it could use a face lift. Business was good, but I had the desire to make it great. Mentoring with Carrie took my business to the next level. She helped me define who my target customer was and really concentrate on how to “narrow my net.” For so long I was casting a wide net, just trying to grow. Enter burn out. I was exhausted. She guided me through the process to achieve a work smarter, not harder philosophy. Most importantly, she reminded me that self care must come first. Taking care of myself gave me the energy to be a better boss. Working with Carrie will energize, excite and give you the confidence to take that next big step.
— Maureen Jeanblanc, Newborn & Baby Photographer
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— Kristin George, Freelance Blogger