How to WOW the Pants off Your Writing Clients

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wow! we were blown away by your work!

When was the last time you received an email with this subject line? If you haven't, it's not because you're not a skilled writer or not meant to make it as a freelancer. It's simply because you haven't learned that basics of online writing and how to wow the pants off your clients.

In this 4-week program, you'll learn how to take your writing career to the next level with new writing skills, editing hacks, and a writing schedule that actually works for you and your life. 


Have you ever noticed that most freelance writing programs don't teach you how to WRITE?



When I was starting out as a freelance writer, I was obsessed with learning how to pitch and finding my first job, but once that job came, I had no idea what I was doing. 

I needed a writing coach to teach me how to develop my own writing process - someone already doing this work.

I'm betting you can relate. You may find yourself constantly worrying if you're a good enough writer to really make this happen?

The truth is that online writing is a skill, just like anything else.

I invite you to stop wasting time wondering if you're good enough, and start putting out your great work into the world

“Taking Carrie’s freelance writing course was a wonderful experience from day one to day thirty. I had wanted to start a freelance writing career for a while now, but I honestly had no clue where to start. With Carrie’s wisdom and daily action steps within her lessons, I was set up for success.

Carrie’s lessons will force you stop dreaming about writing for the blog/magazine/journal of your dreams, and take action so you will become a writer for the blog/magazine/journal of your dreams!

If you are new to freelance writing like I am, or you are a freelance writer feeling like you just need that extra push to get what you want out of your freelancing career, this course is well worth it! Thank you, Carrie! :)”
— Annie, Freelance Writer

what is included?

This 4-week virtual course will include

  • 4 Action-Packed Training Modules 
  • Writing Assignments & Weekly Homework
  • A Community of Fellow Writers on a Mission
  • A FREE month in The Coming Home Collective

What will you learn?

This intimate group experience will teach you how to

  • Craft a Viral Blog Post and Online Article
  • Speak to Readers in a Conversational, Professional Tone
  • Find & Interview Expert Sources to Start Landing Better Jobs
  • Quickly Edit Your Own Articles and Develop a Weekly Writing Schedule

Over $500 in value for just $149 paid in full or 2 payments of $79

or 2 Payments of $79

Join Now for $149

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access to the courses & trainings in our monthly membership program

4 Action-packed training modules to up your writing skills & confidence

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a community of like-minded freelancers to collaborate with and lean on

intentional writing assignments (hello new samples!)


About Carrie

Carrie Madormo is a business & wellness writer for internationally recognized publications. She has been featured in Working Mother Magazine, USA Today, and the Huffington Post. She now helps fellow mothers launch their own dream careers from home while being fully present in their joyful lives.

Carrie's mission is to support mothers in coming home to their families, their dreams, and themselves. She replaced her full-time nursing income by writing and blogging during her daughter's nap time and now shares her expertise with women around the world.



Are refunds available?

Because of the in-depth experience and online content, this program is a non-refundable investment in your future.



Who is this course for?

This program is for any freelance writer or aspiring writer looking to skip the years of trial and error, and just get the skills they need now. This program is designed for those who will be writing in the online space for blogs, online articles, magazines, website copy, etc. 


Does it matter where I live?

Nope! All of the content and training takes place online, so grab a coffee or tea and get to work.



How much time will I need to devote to this program?

This 4-week virtual course is ideal whether you're balancing your writing career with a day job or a baby on your hip. The lessons are designed for busy writers, and you will have lifetime access to the content. Ideally you'll be able to devote 3-5 hours per week to developing your career.

Will we see you there?

Are you ready to gain the skills and confidence you need to achieve your dreams?

Don't wait!

or 2 Payments of $79

Join Now for $149