you're here!


Here's what I know for sure...


You are here for a reason. Your life has some serious purpose, and that purpose is NOT to run around everyday packing daycare bags, eating at your desk, and falling into bed exhausted.

What would it feel like to...

Choose how you spend every moment of your day?

Surprise your family with a trip?

Use your unique gifts to make real money from home?

Start loving Sunday nights?

This is your chance to choose again. To let go of the rules and limitations and start dreaming again.

It's time to take those dreams off your Pinterest board and start living them.

I spent way too long living a life not truly my own. Now I want to save you a little time and a whole lot of heartache on your journey.

You're so much closer to your dreams than you think.

Let's do this!



My Story

I was home on maternity leave when I realized I couldn't go back to my old life. I sat there in our little apartment with my baby girl sleeping on my chest and cried thinking about going back to a stressful job, never-ending grad school work, and trying to squeeze my life into whatever time was left. After my good cry, I immediately started googling ways that nurses could work from home. I found an article about freelance writing and never looked back. 


Over the past five years, I have redesigned my life to focus on the good stuff. The more I wrote, the more I could cut back at my nursing job, and that meant more time for life. More time for family trips and hot yoga classes and walking to the coffee shop. Now I work from home as a writer and coach and have more than replaced my nursing salary. I walk our daughter to school everyday and rock out in Mommy and Me music class with our son. 

Being able to work for myself from home has given me my life back, and that is why I want to share this gift.  Passion trumps experience, so it's time to stop holding back. You were meant to savor your life. Let's make it happen.





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Professional Bio

Carrie Madormo is a business & wellness writer for internationally recognized publications. She has been featured in Working Mother Magazine, USA Today, and the Huffington Post. She now helps fellow mothers launch their own dream careers from home while being fully present in their joyful lives.

 Carrie's mission is to support mothers in coming home to their families, their dreams, and themselves. She replaced her full-time nursing income by writing and blogging during her daughter's nap time and now shares her expertise with women around the world.