This is your invitation


I am here to help you ditch the overwhelm and launch the career of your dreams from your kitchen table

You don't want to host home shopping parties, and you really don't want to waste your time taking surveys for $1 each.

But you're also not looking to become the next Oprah. You don't want another full-time job - you just want to make a great living while staying home with your babies.

You want to decide when you wake up and when you start working. You never want to feel trapped again. To never have to ask for permission to take a vacation, eat lunch, or go to the bathroom - where my nurses at??

So there has to be an in between right? A way to work from home, use your degrees and skills, be creative, but not let it take over your life...

And then you're left wondering... am I crazy for even trying? Is this possible? Does everyone around me think this is stupid?

Percentage of Workers Ready to Work from Home

Percentage of Women Who Feel Crazy for Trying


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