How Morning Sickness Transformed My Business

I sat in the tiny emergency department room looking at my IV and listening to the machines beeping. It had been three days since I’d been able to eat anything, and the constant morning sickness was only getting worse. When news got out that I was in the hospital for IV fluids, the texts started pouring in. Friends and family offered to watch our kids, bring us dinner, and even do our laundry! To each kind offer, I gave the same response: “No thanks, I’m fine!”

After responding to the texts, I put my head back on the bed and sighed, slowly realizing what was happening. Here I was, alone, wearing a hospital gown, holding a bucket, and somehow I was still refusing help.

I could no longer put my business above my health.

Something had to change.

That was the moment that I decided: I could no longer pride myself on doing it all alone. I could no longer tie my self-worth to my business — or my income.

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Carrie Madormo