Freelance Writing Tips from The Experts

So you know you're ready to go bigger. You've found freelance writing, and you know it can give you the freedom you've been craving. You're even imagining that moment when you're sitting in the coffee shop writing from your heart instead of rushing off to work. 

But HOW? I used to obsessively google freelance writing tips, and now that some of my great friends are successful writers, I want to bring you REAL tips to move you forward. 

So here you have it! And once you're ready to start using these tips, be sure to sign up for my FREE course, 5 Days to More Writing Jobs!

Take action to grow your business every day. Find a tribe to support your efforts. Proactively approach & develop relationships with potential clients AND potential colleagues. You are Not Alone!
Carol Bush, Healthcare Marketing Network


Be on time. You don’t have to be the best writer. Clients will return to you and refer you if you’re reliable.
Patricia Ridgway Chaney, PRC Freelancing


Brush up on your grammar and punctuation skills. Read daily. Write daily. Continuously work to improve your writing.
Ellen Rice Tichich


Read up on "web writing", I recommend The Yahoo Style Guide to begin as web writing is different than the writing you did in school. Start a blog to practice this concept. This will also help you get a flow going, set deadlines for yourself and get good at writing for the web.
Vicky Warren, Vicky Warren Writing


Write what you are passionate about.
Anne Llewellyn


Remove the word “just” from your vocabulary. It sounds like you are apologizing, as in “I’m just checking in” Or “I just wanted to know”
Marijke Vroomen Durning, Med Health Writer


Prepare for success. Start a blog and cover a wide variety of topics that you're educated in and/or passionate about so you have a personal portfolio to offer up when it's time to pitch. Make a list of publications/businesses you'd like to write for. Create a bio with a high quality and personable photo of yourself. Craft your pitches for different types of clients so they're readily available when you're ready to put yourself out there.
Katie Bush, Kandidly Katie


Push, and push hard. It won't happen overnight, but it WILL happen. Get up early and work before your kids get up, or late at night when they go to bed. Do a Top 3 list for the day, no more, no less.
Janine Kelbach, Write RN


Pay attention to how you’re using the word, “but.”
Annie Beth Donahue
My #1 tip would be to network with fellow freelancers! I had tried freelancing years ago but became frustrated by searching endless freelance boards and cold emailing prospects. This second time around I have joined Facebook freelancing groups and blogging groups and have networked with fellow writers. I have been able to find opportunities I wouldn’t have even known existed and am excited to continue in my freelancing journey.
Kelli Femrite


I love that so many of these expert writers came to the same conclusion… we need community! Your writing career (or any side hustle) will truly take off once you start networking and supporting your colleagues. Lead with value, share their work, and you will have friends for life.

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Carrie Madormo