How to Create a Vision Board

I’ll admit it, I used to judge vision boards. I remember hearing about them years ago, and thought, “Okay, so you put a picture on a bulletin board, and that thing magically comes to you?” A vision board is either a bulletin board (or pinterest if you prefer) full of inspiration.


It wasn’t until more recently that I fully embraced the power of visualizing and positive thinking.

I’m a visual person, so having a constant visual reminder of what I’m working towards, what I’m grateful for, and what feels like magic in my life feels amazing.


I now frequently embrace my inner 4th grader and pull out the magazines and scissors. My vision board is full of pictures of beaches, yoga, my family, and anything else that I’m currently working on bringing into my life.


Why do they work?


I haven’t totally bought into The Secret. I don’t believe that my merely pinning something to your wall that it will show up right away. However, I do believe that when you’re brave enough to get honest about what you really want and start taking steps forward, that the Universe will meet you halfway.


A silly example

Back when I was pregnant with Jack, I wanted to buy a double jogging stroller. I knew that one of the only ways I was going to be able to workout with 2 little kids was if I brought them along. I loved our single BOB stroller, but couldn’t stomach the idea of spending $800+ for the double version.

I searched Craigslist and Ebay, but kept coming up short. So I decided to ask for help. I printed out a picture of the stroller I wanted and stuck it to my vision board. Every morning as I got ready, I looked at my vision board and felt grateful for everything on it, whether I actually “owned” them yet or not.

The next week while working out with one of my friends, I mentioned that I had been looking for this stroller. Her eyes lit up when she told me that she’d just seen someone selling one on our local buy/sell group on Facebook. I logged on as soon as I got home, but it looked like it had already sold. I sent the woman a message just in case. The next day she sent me a message that the first buyer hadn’t shown up, so I was free to come look at it. Twenty-four hours later I was the proud owner of my own double BOB, and spent $150.


Now I realize that not having an expensive double stroller is a total first world problem. But I share this story to show how I’ve been able to use my vision board. By seeing my goals everyday, I get to enjoy them a little before they’re here. I also keep them at the front of my mind, so that when I was working out with a friend, I mentioned the stroller, never thinking that she’d have a lead on one.


Time to create your own


So if this vision board idea sounds intriguing, why not try it out? All you’ll need is a bulletin board (or poster board), some magazines, some pushpins, and a little inspiration.


Take some time to start thinking about what you’d like to welcome into your life. It might be a new baby, more travel, or a booming business. Then start looking for images that remind you of those goals. Anything that is beautiful and inspirational is welcome on your board. You can certainly create one on your phone with Pinterest, but I think there’s something powerful about hanging your vision board up in your home. It’s a constant, happy reminder of what’s to come.


Once you’ve created that magical little board, I’d LOVE to see it! I’ll be doing a Facebook Live video to show mine, but feel free to post yours on Facebook or Instagram and make sure to tag me so I can see it! Let’s inspire each other!


Carrie Madormo