From SAHM to WAHM: Becoming a Freelance Writer

Hello and welcome! Today I have such a treat for you! Working from home can get a little lonely, so when you find a soul sister on the same journey, you don't pass her by. I first connected with Kristin George through Facebook, and she has been growing her brand like crazy ever since. Kristin is a freelance writer and mama to 3 little boys. I know you will be inspired by her story...



Two years ago my husband and I welcomed identical twin boys into the world. At the time our first-born son was 18 months old.  


To say that our world was rocked would be an understatement.


We needed a different car to fit our entire family. (Now I'm a proud a Mini-Van Mom!)


We needed two (more) cribs.


Would we need a bigger house?


I was currently working outside our home full-time. Did it make sense for me to continue working?


Effectively, my entire identity changed in a matter of months.


I'm very organized and detail-oriented. (Sometimes even to a fault.) And all of a sudden it just wasn't possible to have a clean house, be well-rested, and have happy, cared-for children. I could either choose to fold laundry or take a power nap while the boys napped.


Very quickly it became evident that we were in survival-mode. Meeting basic needs only. Anything above and beyond eating, sleeping, and changing diapers was considered a luxury.


Financially, having three babies in daycare full-time didn't add up. We would have been losing money to put them in daycare or hire a nanny and for me to go back to work.


My husband and I decided that it would be best for our family if I stayed home to raise our boys. I'm so grateful for this opportunity.


The first year of the twins life I barely remember. The boys did not sleep through the night until they were a year old and were exclusively breastfed. (AND, would NOT take bottles. Believe me, we tried every bottle, every suggestion.)


Therefore, it was all mommy all the time. Most days I felt like a walking zombie.


Year two brought more sleep, but also three boys on the move. We got into a rhythm and routine. I started to feel like I had slightly more of a handle on this mommy thing because I was getting some sleep and the babies didn't depend solely on me as their food source.


Yoga became a part of my weekly routine again. I also picked up a Barre class once a week and started regularly fitting in time for reading books. Meditation was how I began my day. And slowly I started feeling more like myself.


This is when I first felt the energy. The feeling of being inspired to try something new.


I knew the time was not right for going back to a traditional desk job (and maybe it never will be). Yet, I started to become anxious and nervous about what I would do once my kids were in school full-time in a few years.


Just before my twins turned two in March of this year I connected with Carrie Madormo from the Healthy Work at Home Mom through a mutual Facebook group. Having never heard of freelance writing I was very intrigued by Carrie's story of becoming a part-time work-at-home-mom freelance writer who replaced her nursing income through freelance writing.


After doing hours of reading about freelance writing I decided to jump in and complete Carrie's 30-day writing course.


Game. Changed.


I got clear on why I wanted to become a freelance writer. What was it going to afford me, our children, and our family?


Freelance writing was going to be a way for me to use my education and create a space for me to think outside of raising my children and managing my home.


A piece of me was longing for a sense of connection and purpose outside of cleaning, doing dishes, and changing diapers. These mundane tasks fill my day and truly amount to meaningful work of raising three healthy children.


Yet, I felt compelled to try freelance writing.


Could I "do it all"? Can I really "have it all"?


These are questions that cause me to doubt myself on a daily basis. When one of my kids is sick and clingy I think to myself that I'm crazy for trying to take on anything besides my stay-at-home-mom duties. When my husband is traveling for work, and I'm feeling overwhelmed on my own, I worry that I shouldn't be pursuing freelance writing.


But, I keep coming back to my "why". Why am I doing this?


I'm not sure I will ever want to return to a traditional job when my children are in school full-time. In my heart I feel called to be a stay-at-home-mom, but now I know that I CAN have both. I can be home with my children while also carving out time to work on my passion.


It's important to me that I show my boys that not only can I be their mom, but that I can pursue my professional dreams at the same time.


Currently, pursuing my dreams means I get up early to work before they are awake, sneak in time to work throughout the day, during naps, and after bedtime. This schedule is consistently inconsistent. And I'm learning that's okay!


I'm constantly reminding myself to have patience and offer myself grace on my journey of being a WAHM freelance writer.



Does Kristin's journey sound intriguing to you? If she can survive 3 boys under 2, you can find a little time to start writing <3 

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Kristin George is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband and three boys. In addition to her family and writing, she loves coffee, yoga, and making lists. You can connect with Kristin and read her blog over at

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