Behind the Scenes Part 1

2017 has been a crazy year of growth and travel for The Healthy Work at Home Mom. I have been busily plugging away at growing our community and developing new programs, and there is a lot in the works that I haven’t shared yet.


Where I’ve been


2017 has been the year of travel for me and my family. It’s amazing how much was possible this year. From a mommy daddy trip to Punta Cana to a girls’ trip to Vegas, I haven’t been able to sit still!

  • Punta Cana - In February Tim and I snuck away for our first real mommy-daddy trip, and I seriously cannot describe how amazing it was. White sand beaches and frozen pool drinks welcomed us with open arms, and we took advantage of every relaxing moment. We went to the spa, overindulged at gorgeous dinners, and even took naps everyday. Seriously one of the best things I have ever done, and we’ll be back!

  • Kohler Spa - Next weekend my little sister is getting married :) so in March we headed to Kohler Waters Spa for a weekend bachelorette party. I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t pretty nervous about what this bachelorette weekend was going to involve. I had visions of terrible clubs and too many shots, but as soon as my sister suggested Kohler, I ran with it!

  • Blue Harbor Resort - Some of our college friends have started a yearly tradition of going to the waterpark with our families each winter. If you had asked me my idea of a fun night away a few years ago, an indoor waterpark would have been at the lowest point on my list, but becoming a parent changes everything ;) This trip has turned into one of the highlights of our winter.

  • Las Vegas - For YEARS, my friends and I have been talking about a girls’ trip. Every time there was another bachelor party or guys’ night, we would text back and forth about finally planning the trip, but it never happened. Fortunately my friend Patty took the reins and got us to commit. It was a mom’s dream - lazy brunches, sunny pool days, and always in bed by midnight. We even saw Britney front row!!



What I’m creating

  • The Hip Mom’s Guide to Freelance Writing - I’ve been dreaming of this course for years. I recently ran a beta group, and the ladies are killing it. Now it’s time to revamp it and get it out there!

  • From Burnt Out to Lit Up - This is a new self-care program for stressed out mamapreneurs. I can’t wait for this one. It’s a 6-week program to help you get out of survival mode, start focusing on your own health, and move your business forward. #weteachwhatweneedtolearn


What I’m reading

  • What Alice Forgot - I’m a self-development junkie, so I’ve been forcing myself to read some fiction books just for fun. I loved Big Little Lies, so now I’m diving into another of Liane Moriarty’s books. It’s a quick, fun read, perfect before bed!

  • She Means Business - I love this business book, because it’s so unique. The author puts a big focus on spirituality and the power of positive thinking, so naturally I love her.

  • Present over Perfect - another great bedtime read, and the author lives in Chicago, so I couldn’t resist. It’s all about slowing down, savoring life, and everything else that I so desperately need to learn.



What I’m outsourcing

  • Article research - I have been STRESSED trying to constantly crank out content and have been looking for a solution. The answer? Asking for help. My amazing sister-in-law is a teacher, so will be doing my article research this summer. I can’t wait!


What I’m launching

  • Arbonne pop-up shop - I’ve been wanting to weave the right products into The Healthy Work at Home Mom and have finally found them. I can’t wait, because these vegan nutrition and skincare lines are the perfect way that we mamapreneurs can invest in ourselves and our own health, so that we can become better moms, wives, business owners, human beings.

  • Self Care for a Cause - This week I’m hosting my first LIVE event, and I’m excited/terrified. I’ll be leading a private yoga class, as well as offering Arbonne products and donating 10% of all sales to Parcels of Love. If you’d like your purchase to go towards this campaign, you can place your order here now through Wednesday!


What I’m eating

  • Chocolate protein shake every morning - I have never been a smoothie girl in the morning, because I was always starving an hour later. This is the only protein powder that keeps me full.

  • Anything on the grill - we’ve been marinating chopping veggies in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a little salt before grilling them.

  • Lots of birthday cake - we have a special girl turning 5 soon, and we’ve already started celebrating :)


What I’m saying no to

  • Any new opportunities right now

  • New webinars or trainings - my brain is already in overdrive with everything I have going on, so any additional info or trainings is only going to distract me from the projects I know I want to focus on.


What I’m saying yes to

  • More stillness, more meditation, more quiet

  • Time with family - as soon as school gets out for the summer, we’re planning a birthday party for Charlotte, then hitting the road for a week to relax on the lake. The cabin has NO internet connection, so I’ll have no choice but to slow down ;)


So that’s it for me! What are you focusing on this summer? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Carrie Madormo