A Mamapreneur's Guide to Slowing Down

Ladies, it’s time to slow down. But like actually do it this time. We need to go slow AF for a while, because this isn’t working.

How do I know?

Oh because I just inhaled an entire cereal bowl of m&ms and mini marshmallows while trying to push through and finish another article. I am exhausted, but instead of giving in and going to bed at 9pm I’m scheduling Facebook posts and answering client emails. But don’t worry. I took breaks from my writing to switch the laundry and tuck our 4 year-old in AGAIN. As I came back downstairs, I passed the sink full of dishes and just sighed.

It’s days like this that I wonder if it’s really possible to do this whole work from home thing. Like, what was I thinking? It’s especially disheartening to doubt myself, since I run a blog teaching women how to do this.

Because even though I love being an entrepreneur and having control over my days, there are days like this. When there is mashed banana on my yoga pants (didn’t make it to yoga class again), baby snot on my shirt, and some unknown substance I just stepped in.

I’m tired. I’m stressed. I feel like I’m overusing these phrases. Like they’ve lost their meaning. Can you really be exhausted everyday? Or is that just your new normal?

It feels like defeat to admit that something’s not working. I love being able to do it all. I get such a high when I finish a big project during naptime or rock a podcast interview after the kids are asleep.

But here’s the thing. Those work highs are NOTHING compared to life highs. The high of seeing Charlotte walk into Disneyland last summer. The magic of Jack taking his first steps while reaching for me with a huge smile. The quiet love of holding Tim’s hand while we push our babes in the stroller.

And isn’t that why I started working from home in the first place? To be able to witness these everyday miracles. To create memories. To be love and spread love.


But in order to do that, to create an amazing, loving life, I’ve told myself that I have to push like I’ve never pushed before. That I have to work every free moment I have, and if I don’t I’m lazy and wasting my potential. But even when I am working all the time, those little gremlins in my head remind me that I haven’t worked out this week and I should really be spending this time with my kids.

Always pushing fullforce is not the answer. You know when you’re in labor, and the doctor is telling you how much to push? Yes, you have to be engaged and do some work, but you can’t just keep pushing as hard as you can the entire time. That baby is going to come out in her own time, and you can’t force her, no matter how hard you push.

It’s the same with your life and your biz. Your timing is perfect, even when it feels like you’re behind. You’re exactly where you need to be, so take a moment to breathe.

In 36 hours I’ll be signing off to take a much-needed vacation with my husband. I’ll be spending 4 glorious days sleeping, drinking mudslides at the pool, and sleeping. I’ve committed to staying off the social media monster and just being present.

As the trip approaches, I can feel myself getting more and more anxious. Of course I’m a little nervous to leave the kids, but I know they’ll be having a ball with their grandparents. It’s more that I don’t know how it will feel to step off the hamster wheel.

If I’m not wearing my badge of being constantly busy and stressed, who am I? I know that sounds sad, but how many of us have gotten sucked into this pattern? I am a mamapreneur. I do it all. That’s who I am now.

If I’m just sitting on the beach eating a plate of bacon (it’s an all-inclusive hotel, so you can do stuff like that), how do I know that I’m still a good wife and mom?

Because I am. Because none of us are here by mistake. We all are worthy of great love simply because we’re here.

And that’s why we can slow down, why we can give up the busy badge and just be.

You are already enough. You are already loved. You are already there.

Maybe a long weekend in the Caribbean right now isn’t an option, but what is? How can you give yourself permission to do a little less? To have some quiet time to slow down?

Can you get up 20 minutes earlier tomorrow to sit with your latte and journal? Could you sign up for a yoga class this weekend or just take a walk by yourself? What is one small thing you can do today to care for yourself?

Because there will always be those hard days, but they don’t have to defeat you. The hard days are just a gentle reminder to go inwards, to ask yourself what you need.

I have to admit, just sitting still and writing this blog post made me feel 1,000% better than I did 30 minutes ago. Slow down. Take a breath. You’ve got this.

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Carrie Madormo